ICE POUR – Deep Pour Epoxy

ICE POUR – Deep Pour Epoxy

Deep Pour Epoxy Calculator

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Ice Pour deep pour epoxy is a 2:1 ratio epoxy which is recommended for applications of 0.5-2 inches thick. The slightly blue hue of the resin will not be noticeable once mixed with the hardener. The hue is caused by UV blocking additives which will keep the epoxy from yellowing over time. Other deep pour epoxies without the hue will inevitably yellow and look extremely unappealing over the course of a few months. The deep pour epoxy can be used for creating river tables, solid epoxy tables, flooded decorations, and other paperweight like knick-knacks. This product is not intended for outdoor use.


  1. Measure 2 parts A to 1 part B by volume
  2. Pour into one container and mix thoroughly with a jiffy mixer on a slow speed. Any desired pigment may be added during this step. Mix until there are no streaks indicating the two parts are not fully incorporated.
  3. It is recommended to place the mixed deep pour epoxy into a vacuum chamber to remove as many bubbles as possible. This step is not entirely necessary for thinner pours.
  4. You may now pour the epoxy. You have an extremely comfortable 10 hours of work time with this epoxy.
  5. Different thicknesses will cure at different rates, so we generally recommend demolding after 3 days

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