Color Concrete Hardener Pail

Color Concrete Hardener Pail

Color Concrete Hardener Pail (63 lb / 28.6 kg) from SureCrete


SureCrete's Concrete Color Hardener is premixed, dry-shake, colored concrete hardener. It is used for coloring and hardening freshly placed concrete flatwork to produce an aesthetically pleasing pavement with a surface that is substantially harder and more wear-resistant than regular concrete. This coloring method can be utilized for concrete flatwork applications (salt finishes, broom finishes, rotary finishes, etc.), as well as vertical surfaces and other types of architectural concrete. Extensive quality con- trol measures insure uniformity of color and virtually eliminate color drifts. Concrete Color Hardener, a blend of specially selected and grated hard aggregated, architectural cements, plasticizers and synthetic oxide pigment, produces a brilliant, streak- free, non-fading, wear-resistant surface.


Concrete Color Hardener is hand broadcast evenly to the surface of freshly placed concrete when the concrete reaches the point where no bleed water remains on the surface. In order to develop proper bond and adequate density, the moisture for wet- ting the hardener must come from the concrete substrate. Concrete Color Hardener is usually applied in two shakes, with two-thirds being applied in the first shake and one-third in the second shake (holding back a small amount for touch up work). After the first shake, the surface is floated. Do not trowel between applications. Apply the second shake perpendicular to the first application in a uniform manner. Float in and trowel to the final finish desired. Install construction or control joints as soon as possible. Care should be taken during hard steel troweling to prevent trowel burns, especially at tooled joints and edges.


Colors 25 standard colors.

Coverage Guidelines

Coverage requirements vary according to intended use and color.

Minimum coverage:

1— 60 lb. Bucket of SureCrete Color Hardener per 100 sq. ft.

Dark and medium colors: 60-80 lbs. per 100 sq. ft.

Medium and light colors: 70-90 lbs. per 100 sq. ft.

Light colors and white: 80-120 lbs. per 100 sq. ft.


Commercial / Industrial applications may require slightly heavier application

rates or Concrete Heavy Duty Color Hardener. Resistance to UV Light Excellent. 

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