Collomix XM 2 650 Heavy Duty Forced-Action Mixer

Collomix XM 2 650 Heavy Duty Forced-Action Mixer

Collomix XM 2 650 Heavy Duty Forced-Action Mixer

When professionals want peak performance

XM 2 650  has been designed for both outdoor and indoor use. It is designed for the mixing of both thin-bodied and heavy, viscous chemical building products such as miscellaneous mortars, concrete, cement, loam mortar, leveling compounds and epoxy-resin compounds, multi-component building materials and materials for fireproof and acidproof installations. The machine is designed for use by all the building and building-related trades and by specialist building contractors, as well as in industry in general.


·        High performance, material is mixed very quickly and thoroughly. May be used by just one person.

·        Planetary gearing: various speeds and high torque

·        Mixing tools: 2 possible tool combinations for different viscosity, optimum mixing results and easy cleaning.

·        Two mixing speeds: depending on type of viscosity.

·        Timer: three different selectable times for consistent quality.

·        Mobile mixing container: for quick batch changes and a high hourly throughput.

·        Mixes up to 13 gal. of: All kind of concrete, epoxy-based mortar, cement screed, grout, polymer-modified mortar, 2-component grouting compounds, self-leveling underlayments, concrete restoration, concrete toppings

·        includes 3 paddles & rimscraper

·        1 Year Warranty

·        Made in Germany 


Technical data:

XM 2 - 650 forced action mixer

Size of mixing tub

17 gal. / 65 litres

Max. mixing volume

of up to 13 gal. / 50 litres

Power supply

110 volts / 50 Hz

Rated power

1.5 hp

Speed: mixing tool

2 x 150 / 1 x 770 rpm

Edge scraper speed

40 rpm

Settable mixing times

90 / 180 sec. / continuous run


231 lb

Item number


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