How-To Written Instruction: Epoxy Table

How-To Written Instruction: Epoxy Table

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1 Find a boring table you want to remake

2 Sand down the surface and round out the edges
(Epoxy works better with rounded edges)

3 Wipe clean with alcohol

Use our primer to ensure a proper bond. The darker your colors are, the darker your primer should be too
(Our primers are available in white, gray and black)

4 A thin layer of our epoxy could be used as a primer too!
(This is the method we will use)

5Color the PART B of your primer layer to suit your face coat with any epoxy pigment. We used our black Metallics.

6Wait 24 hours for metallics to fully dissolve.

After 24 hours, add the Part A to the mix. The ratio is 2 Parts A to 1 Part B

6 Mix them together thoroughly for a couple of minutes, making sure to scrape the edges of your container.

7 Pour, squeegee, and torch. Make sure to spread the primer coat evenly!

9 The propane torch is used to remove bubbles from your surface

11 Once the primer coat cures, sand it down with 220 grit sanding paper, and wipe it down with denatured alcohol

12 PRO tip: When working with epoxy, denatured alcohol is your best friend!

13 Level your table, mix the Part A & Part B of your face coat (which you have pigmented 24 hours ago) and mix them thoroughly

Always remember to scrape the sides of your buckets, to avoid pouring unmixed material.

16 Create a polka dot pattern with one of the colors, and fill in the rest of your table with the other color

18 Use a plastic spoon to create a random pattern. DO NOT make the same motion with your arm! This creates a boring pattern!

22 Remove the drops while the epoxy is starting to cure, but is still semi-liquid

19 Don’t forget to fix the edges!

21 Just cover the bald spots with epoxy, and let gravity do the rest!

23 Wait for the epoxy to cure. If any imperfections occur (dust/bugs in epoxy) you can sand the surface down, and cover it with a clear coat.
Epoxy is a very forgiving thing to work with!

24Sand down the remaining drops under your table, install the legs, and enjoy!

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