37" Solid Surface Sanding Machine

37" Solid Surface Sanding Machine

Product Information


The 37" Sander is a single head sanding machine perfectly suited for use in the cast polymerand solid surface industries for cultured stone and cultured marble production. Utilizing sanding beltswith grits ranging from 36 grit to 320 grit allows a wide variety of finishes. If your goal is etheraesthetic or dimensionally accurate parts, with the 37" panel sander both are attainable with ease.


The 37" Sander is the latest time saving machine and is a greatcomplement to the larger panel sanders. The 37" Sander features a powerful 20 horsepower motordriving a single 37" sanding head. The 37" Sander greatly reduces the labor needed for theprocess of finishing back/side splashes, trims and accessories, reducing overhead and saving moneyoverall. The 37" Sander will provide a consistent professional appearance and thickness to everypart. A high-efficiency dust collector is used to keep the operating environment virtually dust free (not included).

Product Range:

A376060 37" Sander 60 HZ.

A376050 37" Sander 50 HZ.

A37660KIT 37" Sander spare parts

111674 GS-9-4D-50Hz Dust Collector

111686 GS-9-4D-60Hz Dust Collector


Electrical controls:

  • Centralized control panel.
  • 20 HP Main motor.
  • 1 HP feed motor.
  • Variable feed rate 4–12 fpm
  • CE, CSA, and UL approved

Power requirements:

  • 60 hertz: 208-230 / 460 volt three phase
  • 50 hertz: 220 / 380 / 440 volt three phase


  • Max working width - 36"
  • Max working thickness- 5"
  • Sanding belt dimension- 37" x 60"
  • Machine Size- 60" x 64" x 68"
  • Gross weight- 3300 lbs.