3 Jet Wall Gun Concrete Sprayer

3 Jet Wall Gun Concrete Sprayer

3 Jet Wall Gun Concrete Sprayer for Stucco, Plaster and more

Stucco Sprayer and plaster sprayer for walls

The Concrete Sprayer is a favorite tool of concrete artisans and plastering professionals. The stainless steel mortar sprayer hopper is extremely durable and easy to clean. The extension handle and hopper handle are designed to give you good control, balance and comfort while you are applying material.

The Concrete sprayer is almost as fast as our 4 hole wall sprayer, and you have the choice to use 1, 2 or 3 jets. This allows the stucco sprayer to work efficiently with smaller compressors and makes detail work easier.

It comes with two sizes of jets and the accessories to adjust it to various application needs. The handle can be use short for confined spaces and long for best comfort.

We recommend a 5 – 7 cfm @ 90 psi compressor but many of our users have been happy with their smaller 110 volt compressors by adjusting the jet configuration to match their compressor. Larger air storage tanks (20+ gallons) are also a helpful thing. Another customer told us about borrowing a second small compressor and adding the output with his for plastering his home.


Two sets of changeable jets to match your compressor
Regular jets flow 7cfm@90psi
Large jets flow 12cfm@90psi to throw mix harder
Non rusting hopper
Cleaning tool set
Heavy texture up to 1″


Proudly made in the USA



How to Assemble the Mortar Sprayer

Concrete sprayers are designed to make work easier and more efficient, to get started once you’ve purchased your sprayer it’s quite simple to assemble and get to work…

1) Each mortar sprayer will come with 3 main parts and a few accessories. The main components of each sprayer are the hopper, air tube and trigger. Assemble your sprayer by screwing the green air tube into the hopper and then screw the trigger into the green air tube. You can put your sprayer together without the green air tube as well for use in tight spaces.

2) Once the concrete sprayer is assembled you’ll find that you can use it with the green air tube angled down or up, depending on the direction you’re sprayer you’ll find one setting is more comfortable than the other.

3) Connect your concrete sprayer to your air compressor via the 3/8″ or 1/2″ inside diameter hose you should have with your compressor. The trigger on your concrete sprayer comes with a CP5 connection, make sure your hose fitting is the correct size or purchase an adapter which can be found at any standard building supply store.

4) Once your mortar sprayer is connected to your compressor work can begin, simply place your mix into the hopper by scooping it from a wheelbarrow or hand shoveling in from your mixer or bucket.

How to Clean the Mortar Sprayer

Keeping your tools clean is good practice for any professional. That’s no exception for the Concrete sprayers. While using your sprayer be sure to place it in a 5 gallon bucket of clean water throughout the day when you take a break or stop using it for any length of time. At the end of the work day be sure to hose the sprayer down, disassemble the front plate and remove all the cementitious mix from the inside, outside, air tube and handle. Before you begin work with your sprayer the following day, be sure to use the included cleaning tools to remove any mix that may remain inside the brass jets at the front output holes. If you feel air pressure blowing out around the trigger of the sprayer you most likely have some dried mix blocking the front of the concrete sprayer output area.

This is a universal tool, can be used as a Mortar Sprayer, Stucco Sprayer or Plaster Sprayer.


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