139 Series Texas OG Edge No Bowl Deck Molds 146"

139 Series Texas OG Edge No Bowl Deck Molds 146"

No Bowl Deck Molds

"No Bowl" Deck Molds- for use as kitchen or vanity decks where an integral bowl is not desired in the deck mold, offer greater flexbility, space-saving and cost savings compared to Modular Deck Molds - in that No Bowl Deck molds do not include and integral bowl or sink.  Deck sizes range from 17 to 42 inches in depth and are available in various lengths.  You can purchase a variety of bowl mold separately, and use them with the No Bowl Decks to be able to produce vanities and countertops with a choice of bowl style. Offer your customers more choices, with less invested mold cost using No Bowl Deck molds and our bowl molds. If you prefer a vanity deck mold with an integral bowl mold included, see our line of Modular Deck Molds.


Texas OG Dam for 139-NB-146 - #22288D

Mold Track - #OP061

Crating - #C-100S

Common Mold Options include:


Texas OG Dam for 139-NB-146 - #22288D

Yellow Divider Dam 139-OG 144 x 1-1/4” - #010722


Black Divider 139-30 Double - #010701R

Black Divider 139-30 Right - #010702R

Black Divider 139-30 Left - #010703R

Yellow Divider 139-OG Front - #010713

Black Divider 139-OG Front - #010713R

Black Divider 139 Double - #010714

Yellow Divider 139-OG 144 x 1” - #010725

Yellow Divider 139 144 x 1” - #010725R

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